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My passion for movement wellness and teaching self-protection was reborn out of my own transformative journey after surviving a life-altering trauma. This experience lit a fire within me to not only reclaim my life but to empower others to do the same.

With a foundation in personal training, tactical conditioning, working at a wellness clinic, leading small fitness groups, and teaching women’s self-protection, I bring a unique perspective to whole body movement. My focuses lie in supporting individuals with musculoskeletal imbalances and conditions, particularly as we navigate the inevitable changes that come with aging, and those eager to keep themselves safe from harm.

In my sessions and teaching, safety is my priority. I believe in the healing power of intentional movement, and I approach each session with an emphasis on movement quality, mindfulness, and skill development. Having personally navigated the complexities of recovery, I bring a trauma-sensitive lens to my coaching, creating an environment where healing can flourish through combative arts and restorative strength.

Education is key. I’ve seen firsthand the impact of knowledge on transformation, and I’m here to empower you with the understanding and tools you need to amplify your strength and improve your quality of life. Every session is an opportunity to move, learn, and grow.

My goal is this – to guide my clients and students towards a life filled with vitality, protection, strength, and a deep connection with their own bodies. I want you to leave each session not only physically invigorated but also with a renewed eagerness to embrace your own strength.

Training Background

• ISSA Certified Elite Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Tactical Conditioning Specialist
• The BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist
• RAD Recovery & Mobility Specialist
• Certified Combatives Instructor
• PTK-SMF (Edged Weapons) – Lakan Lima
• Yi Chuan
• Catch Wrestling
• Firearms Safety


Restorative, healing practices

Tactical Conditioning

Movement Wellness

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